VAG CAN ProfessionalVAG CAN Professional
VAG CAN Professional VAG CAN Professional VAG CAN Professional

VAG CAN Professional

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Сканер для диагностики и ChipTuning автомобилей VAG группы

VAG PRO CAN BUS+UDS+K-line S.W Version 5.5.1

Language: English, Czech, Danish, German, Hrvatski, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Main Features of VAG PRO:

  • Unique features OCLF service procedures (One-Click-Function);
  • inexpensive flasher for VAG;
  • inexpensive flasher with support UDS controllers;
  • ESP MK60EC1 decision coding blocks;
  • a tool for a complete diagnosis MQB platform (Golf VII, Octavia III) Support to 01.2013;
  • ZDC-loading containers in the electronic components;
  • Unlock video in motion (VIM) on the MQB platform (Discover Pro and MMI-MQB);
  • Coding controllers for PR-codes;
  • "Login finder" - allows you to scan and logins in the CAN controllers UDS;
  • Support for the new Polo in 2014 Facelift;
  • Support for the new Passat B8;
  • Full support of Audi TT-3 on the platform of the IBC;
  • Full support for Skoda Fabia III

New in Version 5.5.1:

  • Support for new addresses entered in the MLB-Evo platform
  • Update database-ODX (support for all models 2015)

Major Changes in the PR encoder:

  • Now it is possible to keep PR-codes of a file
  • PR-self-sustaining encoder may select codes known PR-analysis of current data stored in the ECU
  • You can compare the data stored in the ECU against the calculated data, choose what you want to download.
  • OCF "Activating automatic folding mirrors", the problem is illuminated space around the machine solved - Thanks Ciamardo /
  • The new team in the Scripter: GetCardSerial, returns the current smart card number. You can use it to prepare a script that will run only on these smartcards.
  • Enhanced TXT-coding, coding calculation is now faster APDUs.
  • Updated data base DTC- Fixed problems with parameterization 7N0 cameras
  • Fixed problems with parameterization 5M0 ...... F AFS modules
  • OCF new section called "Apps", which is: Download the parameter data, coding for PR-code, BCM, and so forth programmer..
  • The new procedure OCF "FlashFile Dumper" - can extract content from Flash files (*
    .SGO, * .FRF, * .ODX) in a binary dump. Note: The source data format is not changed, *
    so that if a Flash file kriptovat and compressed, the binary file will be the same.
  • Fixed an issue in the Gateway Sheet MLB-EVO (B7 II, A4 B9) - not all ECU were available through the Gateway.
  • Updated database of error codes (added more than 200 new codes, including the MQB / MLB-EVO platform)
  • New Firmware v.1.1 for interfaces (04.0D / 02.04) v.2.0 (0A.04 / 0B.04) to support new protocols (TCP-IP) used on the MLB-EVO platform
  • Fixed a connection problem with the address 46 (room unit) on the MLB-EVO (B9 A4 / Q7 4M) platform
  • OCF Disable Start-Stop system is now supported PQ26 platform (Polo 6C, Fabia III, etc.)
  • Reduced time delays during the loading of large data blocks in the non-flash modes.

This contributes to a more stable connection when connected directly to the ECU (Direct Connect), popular among fans VAG.

Supported Cars:

1. Audi

A2 2009-
A3 8P 2003-
A3 - platform MQB-
A4 model 8E wariant B7 (Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, park) 2005-
A4 model 8K wariant B8 (UDS + TP2.0) 2008-
A5 model 8K (UDS) 2007-
A6 model 4F 2004-
A8 model 4E 2003-
Q3 (UDS) 2010-
Q5 (UDS) 2008-
Q7 (TP2.0 + UDS) 2006-
S5 model 8K
(R)S6 model 4F
R8 (UDS)
TT model 8J 2007-

2. Mercedes

Sprinter (VW Crafter) - - Only the engine and immobilizer

3. Seat

Leon MQB 2013-
Leon model 1P 2005-
Toledo model 5P 2004-
Exeo 2008- (Engine, transmission, airbags, ABS, park)

4. Skoda

octavia model 1Z 2004 -
octavia platform MQB -
superb II B6 2008-
fabia model 5J 2007-
yeti 2009-

5. Volkswagen

Crafter (immobilizer, engine)
Caddy model 2K 2005-
Golf V model 1K
Golf VI model 5K

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  • Сканер VAG PRO CAN
  • Диск с ПО 5.5.1

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